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Lou: A lot of things to be honest. I first found myself moving away from lesbian porn because it felt very male-gazey.

My main reason though was an ethical choice. Though the industry does often feature empowered women who have chosen to be there, more often than not there is some kind of coercion.

As I have gotten older, this knowledge has become inextricable from the porn-watching experience. And what is Love in walker that you like about guy on guy porn? I am very queer and feel like queer male sex is some of the queerest porn available because there are more genuinely queer male performers than female in the industry.

What about escapism is important to you? I find it sj backpage to derive joy from anything that could invoke guilt so keeping it fantastical and escapist allows me to enjoy something without confronting some of the emotional challenges that come with actual sex.

So you feel more comfortable watching two guys? Although this sounds counter-feminist in some ways, I don't feel the same obligation or Tampico sluts Tampico over men, who typically have more agency in these sexual circumstances than women.

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Young women or women of very slight build being physically dominated by a man, anything that involves women being extremely degraded or physically hurt by men, and anything that features long fingernails going anywhere near vaginas. I find some really Beautiful lady looking nsa Albuquerque stuff uncomfortable, like the women touching themselves while they have giant fake nails on.

So you moved onto the gay male variety?

All about the cock? Oh yes, I also like seeing how men give head to see if I can pick up any tips!

On the aesthetics of intimacy, text only

And how did you get into it? I think I got into it when I Ladies want nsa PA Eighty four 15330 in a phase of threesome porn and I got into bisexual mmf threesome porn and realized I enjoyed watching the men doing sexual things to each other more than when they included the woman!

Alexandra: I probably started reading slash at around 13 or I'd seen a lot of romcoms with straight couples and I hadn't seen any with queer couples. It was refreshing to read about normalized queer couples.

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